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Martial Art Classes in Poughquag, NY

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Tae Kwon Do

The Family Martial Arts Studio offers classes in the traditional Korean art of Tae Kwon Do.  Our classes are focused on the important values that martial arts training will develop including confidence, self control, self discipline, courtesy, and respect.  Our school provides a safe and fun environment for students to learn self defense, goal setting, and the importance of health and exercise.  Our teaching style is designed to engage students in physical techniques and exercises that  will build strength, flexibility, and coordination.  Students will also benefit from the development of focus, concentration, and confidence that are the skills of a trained Martial Artist.

How is our school different from other martial art classes and activities you have to choose from?

  • At the Family Martial Arts Studio, our main focus is to provide our students with real, practical skills that will benefit them inside and outside of the dojang. Our instructors are certified, experienced teachers who can provide the knowledge, direction, and encouragement that help students to reach their full potential.  
  • Tae Kwon Do is an art of focus and determination, students will learn the techniques that have been passed on for generations to build these qualities.  Mental concentration and physical challenges are a part of the training.  Each student will progress because of their own personal effort and abilities.  
  • Self protection is an important part of why we train.  Our students will learn how to apply the techniques they have learned in real and practical self defense situations while in a safe environment.  A part of our philosophy in self defense training is that size and strength are not required if knowledge of body mechanics and key targets are taught properly.
  • At the Family Martial Arts Studio, students will also benefit from training in Olympic style Tae Kwon Do sparring.  Sparring is more of the "sport" side of a well rounded training experience, and a great way for students to test their skills, build confidence, and apply their strategies.  Safety and respect are always applied, and Full contact sparring is optional, students who choose to participate will wear protective gear.
  • We are not about competition and awards.  We are life long Martial Artists who are hoping to pass on the benefits and experiences that have enhanced our lives to students who are dedicated to their training as we are.  

Combat Hapkido

At the Family Martial Arts Studio, we also offer a very practical and realistic martial art called Combat Hapkido, or Chon Tu Kwon Hapkido.  This is a very scientific martial art style that incorporates joint locking, breakaway techniques, pressure point targeting, and defense against grappling techniques. No matter what your size or strength, you can develop the skills to be able to defend yourself and your family.   Classes are designed to help you build coordination and a working knowledge of the body to react in various self defense situations.  Students of all levels of experience are encouraged to train and practice techniques that will enhance their abilities to break away from, control, or disengage from an unwanted attack.  Our instructors have trained with the founder of this system, Grandmaster John Pellegrini, and with many talented Martial Artists as members of the International Combat Hapkido Federation.   The Family Martial Arts Studio is a charter school of the ICHF, and our instructors are fully trained and licensed.

This is a unique martial arts class for adults and teens only.  Students can expect to learn proper form and technique for striking and kicking through practice in the air and on targets.  You will also be working with partners in class to learn how to apply techniques and make them effective.  Proper respect and safety measures while working with partners is expected and always applied in our classes.  There is also a traditional belt ranking system in place so that students may gauge their personal progress and learn techniques in a structured way.  All Combat Hapkido students will receive rank in our classes under the ICHF and will also have the opportunity to train with Grandmaster Pellegini and several ICHF instructors at many of the seminars that are available throughout the year.

Private Lessons and Seminars

In addition to our regular program including martial arts classes for adult and children, the instructors at the Family Martial Arts Studio are available to teach private classes or seminars for larger groups.  We have had great responses from professionals, executives, and children's organizations who have attended our self defense seminars.  We would be happy to arrange an event, or schedule a private class if you or your group are interested in self protection.  Please give us a call at 845-227-3308 or email MasterTripi@FamilyMAS.com.